App specific user profile

Hey there !

I would like to store all my user data within Okta.
Then I would like to have different app developers using my Okta-database, so that their users can re-use the login.
But I would like to show every app a different user profile.

Is that possible with the API provided by okta?
When yes, how?

In addition to that: How do I make the user ask for permission? Meaning, when a user downloads the new app and wants to login with his usual credentials. How is he asked "Are you really sure you want to give this app the right to “read your profile”.

Thank you very much in advance!

The consent piece is a feature called OAuth 2.0 Consent and is something that the team is currently working on. It should be available for early access in Q1 2018.

What language/framework are you planning on using to update app user profiles??

Thanks for answering!

we are using Elixir / Phoenix for our backend.

Could you tell me about my first question? Is it possible to check the user profile (as a user) and only see a part of the whole profile? :slight_smile: