No profile data while fetching users assigned to app

Hi, I’m trying to fetch users assigned to an app, but response format I get is not the same like in documentation:

Missing part in my case is profile data. Instead of profile data, I get for each user:

Can someone help me with this?

Anyone? It seems, it’s a bug in API.

Hi @przemololo, that does seem strange. How are you making the request? Are you using one of our SDKs? I’d also like to know if you see the same issue with Curl and Postman. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, in Postman profile is also empty. It’s quite problematic because I need those data. Without them in /api/v1/apps/{appId}/users I need to make additional request for each user to /api/v1/users/{userId} and I hit requests limits for large number of users.
I’ll send you details in private message.