Programmatically retrieving app user profile options for auto-provisioning apps

Hi Okta DevForum!

I want to assign users to applications with provisioning enabled using the Okta API. I am using the Assign user to application for SSO and provisioning API to do this.

However for certain apps like Salesforce, we must pass in values for the app profile. I can see that the Get App User Schema API will tell me which fields exist for the App-User profile, but for fields that reference values from the downstream app itself, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to programmatically retrieve the options.

Basically I want to programmatically retrieve the options I see in the App assignment UI below:

How would I go about doing this? This is a blocker for the functionality we’re building out because we cannot enumerate the different options that users can select when building up the App-User profile during app assignment.

Thanks for the help!

@keikumata Hi, could you please open a support ticket through an email to One of our TSE will help you take a look.

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