Provisioning through the API

I’m trying to provision a user to our app, for example Zoom, using the API.

I can use the {{url}}/api/v1/apps/{{appId}}/users POST endpoint to create a new user, but I don’t know where I could get a list of options to fill out the profile JSON object, for example the userType list:

Is there a way to get this info using the API or any other way, because I’d like to offer my user to be able to select a license type from a dropdown. I don’t see any other API endpoints that would give me this info, but I really hope it’s possible. Same for other tools like Microsoft Office 365 where you can assign different licences.

Basically what would help me a lot is if there is a way to query Application User Profile objects, specified here:

The only option that I see now is to send a get request to fetch application users and then get a profile from there, but this is not really optimal.

I don’t believe there is an API endpoint to fetch the values in the dropdown for applications. This would be a feature request for Okta.

You could also use the App Schema endpoint to get a list of application attributes for the application profile.

Thank you, this actually covers it, returns exactly what I need, I just missed it because the Postman library doesn’t have it included :slight_smile:

This gives me the dropdown options, but for apps like Office 365 that need to go fetch the license types ad hoc, this obviously doesn’t work, but that’s fine.

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