Argh validation

A couple questions:

  1. Our app is not passing validation
    okta-auth-js.umd.js:20 POST 400
    AuthApiError: Api validation failed: authRequest
    Not passing. Even though CORS are set

  2. Is it possible to register users from application through OKTA using a magic link through or is there a separate route for this? Because this route asks for a username and password.

  3. Is it possible for OKTA to make registration with just an email only? Because even in the documentation it says that before you pass authentication by email -user must be registered in the system with a username AND password

Thanks in advance

@michaelides Hi, please see the below comments for your questions.

  1. Which Okta sdk you are using now? Is there a link?
    If you are using auth-js IDX version, please follow this guide to try IDX API.

  2. It sounds like you want to register users without password? Can you please check if the API: “create user without credentials” helps?
    Users | Okta Developer
    You may try the example Users | Okta Developer and test it in postman.

  3. Please check the above API – create-user-without-credentials


Thank you, that was helpful