Array of Objects

I’m trying to use the API to send some data in the body, one of the requirements is an array of objects. I’m not sure how I can construct the array such as:

“emails”: [
“type”: “work”,
“primary”: true,
“value”: “


Can you give more detail to which Okta API you are using and what you are trying to setup?

The emails array you listed would appear to be from an Okta provisioning integration (SCIM), but more information about what you are setting up would be helpful.

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I’m actually using the API Connetor in Okta Workflows to try and implement an automation using the Seismic API, Create a new user, to create users. One of the requirements to create a user is to send that objects of array but I can’t get it to properly format. I’ve tried using a Compose and Object Construct but it doesn’t work properly.


I’m partial to using the JSON Parse card myself and while I didn’t test with seismic, I did use a API Connector Post action/card to create a user in Okta with a String Array attribute included as an example:


Thanks for this. I had to use a Compose, which I tried initially and it didn’t work, but now it does. Some of the values for the keys are based off of Okta profile information so the JSON Parse wouldn’t work.