Assertion must contain an <AudienceRestriction> including Informatica Cloud as an <Audience>

I have created a SAML (OKTA) setup using a okta developer account

After I have created a user and associated group in OKTA and pushed it to iics the user and the group is visible in iics “Administrator” under “Users”. But when I tried to login using saml it produced below error.


SSO failed. Assertion must contain an AudienceRestriction including Informatica Cloud as an Audience.

Any help is much appreciated

I believe this is the setting you need to modify.

You can also take a look at step 5 from their documentation:

This configuration is already in place, but still gives the error

Have you tried checking with the vendor (Informatica Cloud) about what the correct Audience value should be?

I figured out the problem. Thank you all for your prompt response

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