Configure Okta User provisioning(SCIM) with Atlassian Access(Cloud)

Following the documentation here, Configure user provisioning with Okta | Atlassian Support.

I step up user provisioning with Okta. Am able to create accounts with okta and users are successfully pushed to atlassian cloud. After users create accounts and they are pushed to atlassian, I mean their user accounts exist in both atlassian and Okta but they are not able to login to atlassian using the same credentials used while creating their accounts.

My atlassian cloud site

My Okta site

When users try to login to Okta again, they get 403 Access Forbidden error

Any help is highly appreciated

cc @erik @abole You could possibly know something about this

Hey @noah, I’m assuming you’re using SAML to auth into Atlassian. First thing to check is that the relevant users are assigned to the app.

If you’re not using SAML and hoping users can login directly to Atlassian, the table on this page indicates that the cloud connector may not support pushing passwords - so you will have to setup SAML.

Thanks for your response @abole.

Does this mean SAML will work alongside user provisioning(SCIM). My main goal is that users from unverified domains can login to my atlassian cloud instance as well as create accounts for themselves through Okta.

Do I need to configure user provisioning(SCIM) with SAML at the same time?

Hi @noah
Yes, SAML and SCIM work side by side. SCIM handles the user lifecycle management. SAML handles signing in.

If you’re enabling user self registration on Okta, when they register and set a password in Okta, SCIM should then create their corresponding Atlassian account (assuming everyone gets access to your Atlassian.

When they sign in at Okta with the password they set during registration, Okta tells Atlassian to trust the login and not prompt them using SAML.

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Does the same work for users from unverified domains ie someone with @gmail, @yahoo and the like

Yep, you can use any email address to register a user account in Okta

What’s the overall experience you were hoping to deliver end to end? How does someone signup, then where did you want them to go to sign in?

@abole All I need is that users from both verified and non verified domain can be able to create accounts using okta and are able to sign in to atlassian using the same credentials they used while creating acconts

Yeah should be doable @noah. Contact support to get self service registration enabled (if it isn’t already) and set it up. You can choose whether to validate email addresses or not during during registration (NIST 800-63 guidance is to validate a communication channel.)

If your goal is everyone that signs up get access to Atlassian, assign the Okta default “Everyone” group to the Atlassian app (easiest / least secure if not everyone in your company needs access). Otherwise you may want to setup a new Atlassian specific group and either:

  1. manually assign people to it (e.g. daily)
  2. use a group rule if there’s attributes you can use
  3. setup a workflow to do it for you (also will depend on attributes)
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