SCIM Provisioning to Okta

I am having trouble understanding the best way to connect our SCIM server to our Okta org to provision users. We are a service provider using Okta. We want customers to be able to provision users to user via SCIM. We then want to import those users in to Okta. The only part I am confused by is the best way to get users from my SCIM server to my SP Okta tenant, preferably as real time as possible.

I do see we can setup a SAML app and setup App to Okta but it only supports hourly imports. Does this mean our customers will have to wait potentially an hour before their user accounts show up?

Hi @quantumew

Okta currently provides two options for importing users from a SCIM server:

  • manually through “Import” tab inside the application
  • automatically every hour, every two hours. etc (the configuration is done from Provisioning >> To Okta >> Schedule import)

Due to the high number of requests that would be done, we do not provide at the moment an option to import the user automatically once it’s created. If a customer would want to bring the user in Okta after he created it in the application, he can use the “Import” feature.

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Got it, that is how we currently have it setup just wanted to be sure there was no more real-time approach. Thanks for confirming!