User Provisioning Into Okta

Hi Team

We are a HRMS platform where employees get added / updated / deactivated by the HR personnel of an organization. We would like to build an integration with Okta where employee gets added as a user into Okta as soon as the employee gets added into our HRMS. Similar sync would need to be established for updates / deactivations as well.

After going through the resources available, below are the options I understood for achieving this:

  1. CSV file based integration:

  2. Okta API based integration:

Are there any other options available to achieve the integration use case above?

Have a look at SCIM. It is a good way of implementing provisioning for your platform.
You technically also fire API calls but this is a more standard way implementing provisioning.

Here is a good article about it -

Can SCIM also handle inbound provisioning into Okta? I was unable to find documentation for this.

@ashok.p Yes, it can.
Please look at:

I am looking for this in SCIM based provisioning @rajnadimpalli - the link suggested talks about OIDC / SCIM based flows.

Oops, sorry please check now…
You can find some additional technical details here:

Look for getUsers method and IMPORT_NEW_USERS.