SCIM server API of okta(base url) to create a user in okta from downstream application

Hi, I have added an application and enabled scim provisioning, so i can add users, and groups to this app for provisioning. Similarly based on some condition i want to create user in okta from my application to okta using scim provisioning. So is it possible, if yes, where can i find the okta scim server base url.


Okta currently does not have a SCIM server that you can provision users into your Org(s).

There have been some workarounds others have used such as standup their own SCIM process their application connects to and have this SCIM process translate SCIM requests into Okta API management calls.

Thank You,

Hi, Thank you for the response.
So can i use users API from okta core API ?
and you said Okta API management calls, is both are same or what is the difference? could you please provide some info on this, or any document.