SCIM APIs in Okta

Hi Team,
We are planning to build an adpater where in we plan to invoke Okta SCIM 2.0 complaint APIs.
Does Okta expose SCIM APIs which are SCIM 2.0 complaint?
From the documentation Prepare your SCIM API service | Okta Developer
it looks like Okta doesn’t host SCIM API’s on its own and we have to build SCIM-compliant API server
and deploy in Okta to get the SCIM APIs hosted in Okta.
Please help in correcting my understanding.

Thank you,

That is correct, Okta supports provisioning users to an application via SCIM, but the SP needs to provide their SCIM server that is accessible to Okta. You can see the kinds of requests we will need to make to this server you build and host in our docs here: SCIM 2.0 Protocol Reference | Okta Developer

Thanks Andrea Skouras.