Okta as a SCIM server


Does Okta expose or plan to expose SCIM endpoints?

I have a use case where we use Okta as an IDP. Thereore Okta is the source of truth of users.

Another service I am developing would like to retrieve periodically the list of users that are managed by Okta to synchronize its internal list of users.

However, apparently Okta does not expose any SCIM endpoints. Okta can make SCIM requests to external services (Okta as a SCIM client), but that is the opposite of what I need (Okta as a SCIM server).

So I am limited to use the Okta API to get the list of users?

Sorry if this is a duplicate of this thread from 2019, but maybe Okta as a SCIM server is in your roadmap?

I have not heard of any plans.
Might check ideas.okta.com

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