Assign user to Group in OKTA

Hello, anyone here who have an idea in assigning user to a Group in OKTA using postman?

I encountered Unsupported error when doing this command
POST api/v1/groups/groupid/users/userid

I aslo tried creating the user in a group but still getting an error
POST api/v1/users?activate=true
“profile”: {
“firstName”: “Isaac”,
“lastName”: “Brock”,
“email”: “isaac@{{email-suffix}}”,
“login”: “isaac@{{email-suffix}}”
“groupIds”: [

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

For the first endpoint, make sure you do a PUT instead of a POST, as described in our docs here: Groups | Okta Developer

For the second endpoint, that should be the right way to create a user in a group, as described in our docs: Users | Okta Developer

What error are you getting?

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