Attempting to run Net core 3x hosted login sample

Do these urls have to be implemented?
Login redirect URI - for example, https://localhost:44314/authorization-code/callback
Logout redirect URI - for example, https://localhost:44314/signout/callback

In the golang version these methods are implemented why aren’t they implemented in the net core version examples? My golang version works perfectly.
But the netcore version does not.
When running your examples I am getting a redirecturl failure after sign in.
I need the access token so I can call the resource server as the

works (as in I can login no problems) but “access token” not available anywhere I can see, I need to call my resource server with.


No problems I can see the sdk does it for me.
The Okta ASP.NET SDK configures and hosts this route for you. By default, the route is hosted at /authorization-code/callback .

Issue with Login on net core example application.
Is there a known issue with using the net core library under SSL?
I have my Login redirect URI - set to

Every time I attempt to login I get the white list redirect error.
Now if I host the Login form and set the Login redirect URI to
I just get a continuous loop.

So what is the URI suppose to be then if both don’t work?