Okta is IIS Server throwing Error

I downloaded one sample asp.net core app from github and tried to run the okta integration part. It was working fine in my localhost.

I deployed the same app in IIS server and cahnged the urls accordingly, but when i am accessing it , i am getting error.

Localhost Link :
redirect URIs - https://localhost:44314/authorization-code/callback
Sign-out redirect URIs - https://localhost:44314/signout/callback

Server Link:
redirect URIs - http://sgsnt810/OktaMVCSample/authorization-code/callback
Sign-out redirect URIs - http://sgsnt810/OktaMVCSample/signout/callback

Someone could help me understand how this redirect URI’s work, because i couldn’t find any modules in Asp.net core app ?

Hi @teenajohn, the most common error with the redirect URI would be that it is not configured in the Okta Admin console. Please go to your application in the Admin console and ensure that http://sgsnt810/OktaMVCSample/authorization-code/callback is added to the Sign-in redirect URIs and that http://sgsnt810/OktaMVCSample/signout/callback is added to the Sign-out redirect URIs. If this does not help, could you please share a screenshot of the error you are receiving?

Hi louie,
This issue has been fixed. But after clicking on sign in button, it gives me error page again, i copied the exact code from github which was working fine in my localhost.

Do i need to update anything when i deploy this in server?