Redirection Url issue with Okta and OpenID connect

We built a sample web forms application with 4.8 framework referring to below link
Secure Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application with OpenID Connect and Okta | Okta Developer

Required data is coming in the JSON payload but post login application is redirecting to default web site link instead of the redirection uri that we mentioned in Okta.

We could the see request getting transferred to redirect_uri in browser but from there it is generating http status code as 302 and redirecting to default page of default web site.

Do you have the redirect URI set both in the Okta app settings and the application code as mentioned in the blog post?

Yes we have set it up in okta and code, redirection is happening but not to the correct url.

For eg if our redirect url is then post okta login it is getting redirected to

Only difference between sample and our code is redirect uri which is a webform(.aspx) extension.

What do you see occurring in your application when the redirect_uri is hit? Is the application able to get tokens for the user?

I wonder if there is some default behavior in your application to redirect the user back to the main route once they have tokens/are considered authenticated.