Redirect url going to default iis page

hi everyone i have a website which i have deployed in the iis
and i am using okta as an authentication in my website.
i am using oidc authentication
i am using framework4.7.2

everything is working fine but i am facing one issue which i have not been able to solve

the issue is

i have a redirect url which is so after the authentication from the okta page my application should redirect to my redirect url which i have defined in my webconfig and in okta sigin url (both of are same)

but when i do the authentication from the okta page my website redirects to instead of

and this only happening with my website bcz if put some other website in my redirect url for ex it is redirecting to it successfully can any help me with why this is happening with my website

i have tried many things but i have not found any solution

please help if u guys have any idea

Hi, you need to pass your redirect URI in authentication properties too where you’re raising authentication challenge

hi hareesh

i am passing my redirect url in authentication properties too

Hi Ansh,

Please check first whether the redirect page is doing any validations or looking for any permission to access the page.

Otherwise just create one page with in your project/solution and just write any text that display on UI of page and select that page as your redirect URI.

I have done same thing and got successful. Also if possible post your login logic here

this is my okta code that i am using

i have changed the redirect uri from “/” to my redirect uri and still i am not able to redirect directly there instead it is redirecting to default iis page