Authenticate Oracle ERP Rest API using Okta token


I have implemented SSO between Okta and Oracle ERP (web app) and it is working fine. I am developing mobile application for Oracle ERP using React Native framework. I using below example for generate okta auth token.

I want to authenticate below Oracle ERP rest Api using Okta auth token.

After login in above example, I am able to generate token. But when I am calling API using postman with Okta auth token, it will provide 401-Unauthorized error.

Postman Error :

Can you please help me that what am I doing wrong.

Are there any logs from the Oracle side indicating why the token was rejected?

No, we did not get any log from Oracle Side.

Then hard to say what the issue could be. Maybe the issuer or audience claims don’t match or Oracle is expecting something in the token that they couldn’t find.

Hi Warren,

Is it possible that we can generate auth token using okta and use same token for authenticating Oracle Rest API ?

Note : Mobile app and Oracle Fusion Instance, both are register in same okta instance ?

I’m not too familiar with Oracle, do they have any docs about being able to do that with any identity provider?