Authentication Ticket value null in Authorization Code Received Event

Hi team,

I am integrating OKTA PKCE authentication in Sitecore web application. I am able to authenticate the user however in the ProcessAuthorizationCodeReceived event
notification.AuthenticationTicket is coming null. Due to this I am not able to proceed with next steps in the Sitecore pipeline. I am able to generate the Token,UserInfo and Notification using below code.

var args = new OktaPostAuthorizationArgs()
Token = tokenResponse,
UserInfo = userInfoResponse,
Notification = notification,

please let me know why AuthenticationTicket value is coming null from OKTA.


Hi Alok, did a quick search about your error message and some results indicate that it might be an issue with how your response_type is configure. Can you taking a look at the article from and see if changing the response_type helps?