Unable to get any authentication information after redirecting to my portal url


As my application got successful redirection after okta authentication, but not able to get any detail of the user (as part of authentication process , not even username/sessiontoken) as part of the response. Would like to know any additional configuration required from application side to get user information / sessiontoken / accesstoken as part of response.

Thank you.

Hi there. Any information that should be sent from Okta to your redirect_uri will be in the form of tokens - depending on your flow that will be an ID and/or Access token. Are you getting tokens at all? If so, it’s a matter of decoding and verifying them: https://developer.okta.com/code/dotnet/jwt-validation/

If you’re saying you aren’t even getting tokens, which OIDC flow are you using - what are your values for response_type and response_mode in your /authorize call?


Let me reiterate my use case like this, we have uri for example : http://localhost:8080 , once i hit this uri, we configured okta to redirect to okta authentication, after successful authentication with my credentials at okta, okta will redirect to http://localhost:8080, but there was no clue for which user authentication was done, i mean as a reply for authentication at okta, my application not receiving any details.

Okta team, Any clue on above ?