How to get access / id token if already signed into Okta elsewhere?


I have followed the guide to get up and running with the Okta JS widget to Authenticate through Okta, seeing as how these tokens are returned to the redirect url, can anyone point me to some documentation on how to retrieve these tokens if someone has already signed into Okta elsewhere? I’m assuming there would be a way to write a request to the Okta API to get token info for already authenticated users?

Thank you


I don’t think your scenario is possible. To my knowledge Okta does not have an API call where you can get a users in-use issued token.

Sessions are persisted on the client’s device, if he uses a new device they would need to login again.

What is the exact scenario you are trying to accomplish with this?

Ironhide, I think you just answered my question :slight_smile: thank you!

If you are using OIDC and the Authorization Code Flow you can call the /userinfo endpoint to get more information. Of course they will have to be authenticated already.

I don’t get any of it