Authn API signInWithCredentials is giving status as 'SUCCESS' instead of 'MFA_CHALLENGE'

The response of signInWithCredentials is giving status as ‘SUCCESS’.
It should be MFA_CHALLENGE as per the documentation.

this.oktaAuth.signInWithCredentials({ username: this.userName, password: this.password })

We’ve ensured that MFA options are added.
The NextSteps details regarding this is properly obtained while using the idx API. But not with the authn API.
Can anyone suggest if there is any modification that needs to be done to get the proper steps and the authenticator factors in the response while using the authn API for Sign In?

Is the MFA being required at the Org level or at the Application Sign On Policy level?

When using the /authn endpoint, only the Org-level policy will be evaluated; the Application sign on policy isn’t evaluated until the redirect to the target application is made to the Okta domain.

Thanks @andrea for the input.

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