MFA_ENROLL status is not returned after login success

Hi there,
I am trying to implement Authentication API with pure javascript. I want to add SMS Factor after login success process. Primary login in process is successfully done but user status is not returned properly. Status is always SUCCESS instead of MFA_ENROLL. Is it possible to implement 100% MFA flow without using Sign-in-widget?

Hi @Chan

If status on Authentication is SUCCESS instead of MFA_ENROLL, it means that the user is not prompted for MFA and, as a result, not required to enroll.

In order to change this settings, please navigate in your Okta org >> Admin >> switch from left side from Developer Console to Classic UI if using Developer Console >> Security >> Authentication >> Sign on and add a rule for the user to be prompted for factor.

Once this is done, when you authenticate via the JavaScript, you should receive MFA_ENROLL status.