MFA Factors not showing in transactions.factors array

Hi fellow okta devs,
I am stuck and looking for some advice. Here is my issue.

In OKTA, I have a sign on policy that requires MFA every time for my application and a MFA enrollment policy enabled for both SMS and Email with a rule to prompt when user first signs in.

In my app, I use USERS API to create a new user and then use okta-auth-js sdk to sign in this new user.
My transactions status is MFA_REQUIRED. Next, I would like to enroll in the SMS factor. However, in my transactions.factors array, I only have EMAIL.

Has anyone encountered similar issues, where a MFA factor is missing?

My guess is that either I missed a configuration somewhere in OKTA, or there is a bug in okta-auth-js.
There is no matching issues in okta-auth-js GitHub repo. I think it might be less likely to be the problem here.

I have tried different policy settings and had no luck. I appreciate any advice you got.

Thanks :blush:

HI @jsloveruby! Please share a screenshot of your sign in policy setup in Okta.

Hi @sigama Here is a screenshot of my signin policy

Thank you @jsloveruby and can you also share a screenshot on what is listed under Multifactor > Factor Enrollment?

Hi @sigama here are the screenshot of Factor Enrollment and its rule.