Authorization Error - Error Code -600 in Okta-React-Native

Hi again,
we are currently experiencing Issues with our react-native login that uses okta-react-native
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When calling signIn - the user is correctly redirected to the login page, providing correct credentials however, does not call the expected “signInSuccess” eventlistener, but rather the error listener. Upon inspection of the error, it says {“error message: “Authorization Error”, “Error-Code”: -600”].

Upon searching the underlying Okta-OIDC Code @Github, we could find that this specific error code is only raised in two spots:

When “createConfig” is called and fails, or when the actual signin fails.
( see )

Since the logs on the admin-dashboard seem to show a successful login, showing “refresh token granted” and “access token granted” events in the event-logs, we are having a hard time understanding why the mobile app would raise this error.

Any idea why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards.

@TobiGe: Did you find any resolution for this issue? I am getting the same error, though in my case the browser login is not appearing at all.

@nixonad i am getting same problem like you, in my case without showing browser log in it shows error

@Dhaval : I recreated my AVD and then it worked for me, still haven’t resolved it for my physical device though, but it’s running Android 8.0, might just be not supported anymore.

@nixonad i used another library react-native-app-auth but in that after successfully authorization, i am getting error like “data intent is null”

Hi there,

we are still unsure to what caused the issue in the first place, yet we could resolve by re-creating the virtual testing device (same specs as before, did not change any android versions).