Authorization server - token preview - inline hook


When trying out the token preview feature on a given authorization server configured with an token inline hook, it seems like the hook is not invoked: no claims are modified. Is this expected ?

It would be incredibly convenient to be able to see the id and access tokens modified by the hook from the token preview tab. This would represent a meaningful end to end test.

Is what I am looking for available in the admin console elsewhere? Or how can I see the token after the inline hook patch occurs?

The Token Preview tool will not trigger an Inline Hook, as a token is not actually being issued at that time, it only shows you how the claims will evaluate based on the user’s profile, etc. You will need to manually (or via an application) complete the OAuth flow to generate a token and confirm your customizations

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For anybody else struggling with this, I highly recomment this tool, which allows you to set up a workspace and add code flow to view what the finished result of your token including inline hook updates will look like.

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