Automatically add user to app

I am managing users in our application via the Okta management API’s. What I need to do is when a new user is created they should automatically be added to my Okta SPA application.

It would be nice to utilize Okta built-in functionality rather than having to explicitly make additional API calls. I think this can be accomplished via Group rules to automatically add a user into a group which is in turn assigned to the Okta App.

I’m not sure that I can create a rule (basic or expression language) that would always add to the group. In other words, I’m not sure that it would support a wildcard condition i.e. “If email has any value assign to group x”. I guess that I could overload a user property that is not being used and put a known constant to match upon.


I’m wondering if Federation Broker Mode would be a good fit for you. If the app in question is configured to use Federation Broker Mode, user assignment will be implicit without them needing to be specifically assigned the app in question. Then you don’t have to worry about using groups or group rules to do this for you.

Details about it here, but you will need to open a support case to get it turned on in your Org

Thanks for the info. I went the route of overloading an unused user attribute to get the auto assignment which fills the need just fine.

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