Group assingment in okta

Hello there,
i want to know if i can add a person into a specific group after the registration of this person
(Not manually => when the person click register he will be assigned to that group)

How are users being registered? Using Self-Service Registration in Okta Classic? Profile Enrollment in Okta Identity Engine? JIT provisioned by logging into Okta via an external/social Identity Provider?

  1. In Classic, you can assign users to a group when they complete SSR. See note about the “Assign to group” setting for this feature: Enable and configure a self-service registration policy | Okta
  2. Under the Identity Provider settings you can choose to add users to groups when they get JIT’d in.
  3. In OIE, you can configure your Profile Enrollment policy to “Add the user to group”.

Thank you for your fast reply andrea
yes i have the classic one, i understand but my problem is that :
i have two apps integrations , i’ve set “assign to group” to “Everyone” for each app
so when the end user makes a registration in one of them he implicitly register to the other app,
i want to prevent this from happening by creating 2 different groups so when an end user register in app1 he will be assigned to grp1 & the same thing for app2, i want to do this with my angular app by calling the okta api and adding the end user to a group.
is there a possible way to do this?

Sounds like you will need to update your app assignments to stop assigning the Everyone group to it and instead make these separate app groups, but I don’t see a way to have the user have to register for each app individually, if that’s what you’re looking for.