Okta User Creation and Application Assignment Workflow


Here is my workflow :

Users are created by my web application « eJect » through Okta API by an Admin.
The user is set a group to identify its tenant, as well as the server name, by using two groups.
The users after email validation and creating a password, should be able to connect to eJect with the redirect authentification workflow.

However, at that stage, the users cannot do anything because they are not assigned to the eJect application in Okta.
I find it odd, as they were created using the eJect registration id. Is there a way to automatically assign the creating app to users.
Should I use a group instead (eJect-users for exemple). Should I modify my other groups to assign the app ? I would like to know what makes the most sense in that scenario.


Yes, usually you would create (or assign based on some attirubutes) users in a group which is assigned to an application. This way they will get access to it automatically based on their group membership

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