How do I customise the sigup so that I can vary the group that is assigned?

I want to use Self Serve or the new enrolment policy such that I can vary the initial group that the user is assigned to. Is this possible?

You can configure a self-service registration policy that assigns users to groups.

When you say the groups would vary, how would you determine which user is assigned to which set of Apps?

This might be easier to achieve via the End-User Dashboard.

Once the user is created, then they can request access to additional apps through Self Service.

  1. Sign in to Okta and go to your End-User Dashboard
  2. Click Add Apps
  3. Search for a App that you want to join
  4. Click Add next to the App name
  5. Wait for approval from an admin
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You might also want to check out using Registration Inline Hooks to assign a new user to a group as part of the registration flow, particularly if the user should be assigned to a given group (or set of groups) based on an attribute they provided during registration.

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Yes thats one of the options I am looking at, it would be nice if OKTA managed this internally so calling app is passed in the call to registration, and the group assigned based on that.

However as it isn’t I will add a new profile filed regApp and add that to the Self Serve and then create a inline hook to a external API to add them to the group. That does however seem a bit clunky.

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