Bad request on calling okta api


I face 400 for api requests to this endpoint “/api/v1/users/ ${userId} /credentials/forgot_password”
user is active and userid is correct and other api requests from our app are working just this request returns 400 and started from 4 days ago.

@mrazmjoo can you share a screenshot of the 400 error? It would be good to see the exact 400 error

“errorCode”: “E0000020”,
“errorSummary”: “Bad request.”,
“errorLink”: “E0000020”,
“errorId”: “oaeOP0Nglb1TR2kEHc-GQ6yKg”,

this is error message we get when we call the okta endpoint directly

Hi @mrazmjoo,

Could you paste the complete request and response ? If you also can capture X-Okta-Request-Id from the response header, that would be helpful to find the cause.