URGENT | Sometimes Login Widget Takes Me to 400 Bad Request

I am expereincing a wierd issue, login through OKTA Widget works sometimes for me and sometimes it takes me to 400 bad request page.

My app in OKTA is configured correctly and all the URI in my app is the same where I am trying to login. Sometimes when I try to login it takes me to 400 bad request page and when I logout and then try to login from the same page, it works just fine without any error and takes me back to my redirect URI. Please fix this bug ASAP or if I am doing something wrong in my code please let me know?

I am using latest Okta widget version of 4.1.1

{{MY OKTA SUBDOMAIN}}/oauth2/default/v1/authorize?client_id=0oakldhmmVbR7j4C34x6&code_challenge=2DxtMrHD3zyDffnuj_pVG-4J35AdpYgGExXyRz7j66c&code_challenge_method=S256&display=page&nonce=PKonBQqinU4nLWXLI4q57FxN6ZOBzztA3dhNUoGb5XpwlQXWW88XFW0gbIQGzWjt&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.{{app url}.com%2Flogin.php&response_type=code&sessionToken=20111WR_RzGKPNlh_Ru6hqz2wRDLCg66Sd6_fRU3wo78unq8kbLH602&state=6KyapBbLp0QrZUsFeVWqKB7IwnBwCZjfOZX8HB1zChGzr2CbEWiOx7cB8GruSskv&scope=openid%20email%20profile

var oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({
        baseUrl: "{{MY OKTA URL}}",
        clientId: "0oakldhmmVbR7j4C34x6",
		logo: "{{APP URL}}/img/Logo2-300x154.jpeg",
		  i18n: {
			// Overriding English properties
			en: {
			  "primaryauth.title": "Login",
			  "primaryauth.submit": "Sign In"
		  colors: {
  brand: '#810000'

        authParams: {
          issuer: "{{MY OKTA SUB URL}}/oauth2/default",
          responseType: ['token', 'id_token'],
          display: 'page',
		  scopes: ['openid', 'email', 'profile']

Do you see any console errors when the /authorize request fails? Do you see any pattern for when you encounter the 400, such as taking over 15 minutes to complete authentication after making the /authorize request?

Nopes, it takes me to OKTA just fine for the MFA and once MFA is done the next thing it does it takes me to 400 page.

How it happens is if I am working on a firefox browser and when comeback to it after few hours to login and go to the login page and try to login after MFA it takes me to 400 page but afterwards it begins to work just fine if I logout and then login then it takes me to redirect URI just fine, don’t know if any cookie is messing around or something? But the weird thing about the issue is it happens sometimes. Whereas no matter how oftern I login/logout it should always and always take me to my redirect URI and should not fail sometime.