Okta Sign In Widget- Issue

I followed the instructions on Okta Sign-In Widget and React | Okta Developer and was able to add the login/authentication page to my simple project. However, when I tried to log in, it appears to be stuck and there is an error in the Network tab saying status code 400 for the Get request. There is also a cookie issue. I did a quick search and various sources suggested fixing it by setting SameSite=None; Secure. I’m not sure how to do this, or if this even will fix the issue. Please help me out if you know how to resolve this, or if you need more information. Thanks.

what is the endpoint been called?

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Sorry still a newbie at this. I’m not sure if I understand what you mean, but here is a screenshot of the requested url.

Is there any additional information for this 400 request in console or in response preview? Is it a call done with browser redirect or just an async JS call?

There is nothing in the response preview. It does look like I’m authenticated (see pic below), but somehow can’t get past the redirect portion.

I think it’s using browser redirect. All the code (Home.js, Login.js etc) came from Okta Sign-In Widget and React | Okta Developer

@rz_okta - I believe I am seeing 2 code_challenge query parameters in your 2nd screenshot which could be the culprit. Also, you should see an error message in the URL of the response to /authorize.