Beginner guide for Vue SPA User Registration

Hi. I am new to Okta.

I have successfully added User Signup to both the Okta sample Vue app and my own test Vue 3 browser SPA app. All working well.

I now want to add User Registration. I am finding the docs are very confusing. I cant find a sample or a tutorial and the docs are great at telling me what is deprecated but nothing is clear about how I need to set this up.

I followed the steps here:, then when I get to the step at 1-create-a-sign-up-link-for-new-users step 1 says “Customer: click Signup Link” but my app doesn’t have a sign up link on the Okta Login page. Did I miss something?

I am looking at this page: (node.js being the nearest thing). Am in in the right place? It doesn’t look right.

As you can see, I am confused.

Can anyone point me at the process for setting up User Registration for a browser based Vue SPA, please? And/or explain what I need to read in order to understand which parts of this enormous (and amazing) ecosystem are relevant for my use-case?


Hmmm… anyone have any ideas?