Bootstrap Activation Token to Signon Widget?


I am using the activation token from “lifecycle/activate?sendEmail=false” to then use a separate system to send the activation email. Mostly so I can use the “fromURI=” value so the user is redirected to the appropriate location after the successful activation.

However, the activation is occurring using the stock UI which is quite dissatisfying. How can I bootstrap the activation token to the (hosted) signon widget so activation also uses our custom logo, background image, and the same UX experience as the hosted signon widget for logon.

Hi @chu123

Navigate to Admin >> Settings >> Emails & SMS and from here you should be able to successfully modify the email templates, including the photo.

If you are using the developer console, switch from Developer Console to Classic UI from top left corner of the screen by hovering over Developer Console.

Thanks @dragos - but this isn’t exactly what I meant. I’m not talking about the UI in the Activation Email itself, I’m talking about the UI during the initial password setting. I want to use the Hosted SignOn Widget for the activation flow instead of the native Okta app.

Is there a way to take the activation Token and get it to be honored as an activation workflow within the Hosted Signon Widget?

Hi @chu123

Thank you for letting me know. At the moment, this is not possible without modifying an extensive portion of the sign-in widget’s code. We have a feature enhancement request to integrate the activation page inside the sign-in widget, however there is no ETA at the moment for when it will be done.

Thanks, @dragos - I think a workaround might be to create the user in an activated state with a very long random password and then immediately issue a change-password API (with sendEmail=false) and use that returned token/URL in a customized “Activation email”.