Build a Basic Android App with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Build a Basic Android App with Xamarin and Visual Studio

This tutorial walks you through how to build a basic Android app using Visual Studio and Xamarin.

Matthew O.

No thanks. Xamarin support is useless and the visual studio tools killed my PC and/or network connection. It was insane.

robert de

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Priyank Acharya

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You are not really selling well whatever it is that this Okta service does.

Its useful about 15% into the tutorial for getting started

This tutorial is for using Okta for user authentication, but they don’t even have a library for abstracting all this authorization stuff

All of this could have been written in 3 lines of code
I will not be using this product as it doesn’t seem user friendly at all

Shinoda Yasser

Wow from Build a Basic Android App with Xamarin and Visual Studio to OpenId connect !!!

jupiter martin

Thanks for sharing the information on how to develop a basic android app via Xamarin technology. The programming language that is used by developers is .NET and should know about XML files to understand its development process.
Keep writing and updating about Xamarin app development and visual studio.…

SynergyTop LLC

Xamarin provides Bespoke services, maintenance, and post-launch services it has the capacity to convert the existing code library to a Xamarin Application with the help of bindings. Thanks for it from SynergyTop.


I think that the title of this article is “slightly” misleading.