Xamarin.Forms UWP authentication with OpenID Connect + Okta


I am looking for the the documentation on how to implement authentication with OpenID Connect + Okta in Xamarin.Forms (UWP) windows platform.

Below article only shows integration with iOS and Android and nothing for Universal windows platform.


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Did you ever get a response from anyone? I’m trying to use Okta with Uno Platform and am struggling mightily.

Hey there,

I never get any response from Okta support team for this topic. Okta documentation is not straightforward and you need to struggle a lot to collect information required specially for Xamarin(iOS,Android and UWP).

You can try following sample if that works for you. It is a basic OidcClient library which works for all 3 platforms in Xamarin.Forms . For me, after implementing it was not giving me valid Okta token(i.e signature was not being verified from Okta) because for that I need some customization with Okta Authorization end point and this library doesn’t provide any customization.(i.e I need to pass some extra parameter for Authorize endpoint as per my server configured for Okta)

From this article you can find this link for sample code.

But I end up having fully working Okta with manually calling all required Okta endpoint and I followed this documentation.
Basic Concept

Authorization Code Flow with PKCE

Basically you need to call endpoints /authorize , /token ,/userinfo , /logout .

Hope this helps and good luck!!