Build a Basic CRUD App with Angular and Node

Build a Basic CRUD App with Angular and Node

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a Node API and an Angular app that can manage its data.

Jayant Kataria

ERROR in src/app/auth.ts(17,9): error TS2339: Property ‘user’ does not exist on type ‘Request’.
how to resolve this issue?

Matt Raible

Are you using the same version numbers for your dependencies that this post uses? If so, can you please compare your code to this example’s code on GitHub?…

Sean Lazenby

A fair question would be if you post broken and error prone code on your website what kind of state are the things we cant see in?

Matt Raible

Hello Sean,

Can you provide a bit more information? Did you try this tutorial and it doesn’t work? If so, what doesn’t work specifically? We do our best to test the code in our posts, but we aren’t perfect.

James Matthias How

Great tutorial! I am getting an error when I run the server though, “Typeerror: TypeError: jwt_verifier_1.OktaJwtVerifier is not a constructor at dist/auth.js:13:23”. Do you think it may be a versioning error?

Matt Raible

Hey James,

Can you compare your code to the example on GitHub? Pay special attention to package.json if you think it’s a versioning issue.

James Matthias How

Will do, thanks!


ng serve starts with no error, but when I access the localhost:4200, I receive an empty page.
running on WIndows 10

Matt Raible

Can you look at your browser’s developer console and see if there are any errors?

Andrew Lopez

Hey there, I followed these instructions about 3 times over, with no luck at the end. Here are snippets of the errors im getting for both runs on the server app and the angular client.

Server Side Err

Client Side Err

Please help! I had been attempting to develop a simple Read and Delete web page for work and I am lost!
Thanks in advance.

Matt Raible

Can you please try comparing your code with the example app on GitHub? It looks like you have syntax errors in your code.


I am also getting a problem.

The code says - import { MatTableDataSource } from ‘@angular/material’; but import is import { MatTableDataSource } from ‘@angular/material/table’;?

Can’t bind to ‘dataSource’ since it isn’t a known property of 'table
Is there a working updated example?

Matt Raible

This post was updated in April of this year. If you use the same versions, it should work. If you update the Material imports and use the latest version, it should work too. Please let us know if it doesn’t.


Thank you for the quick reply. It was the missing material module. I was doing from scratch and follow a different model - keep material in a different module. I liked the UI - list on left and detail on the right.

Could you possibly modify this blog to reflect the changes in the @okta/okta-angular. It seems in version 4.x they had a breaking change where they removed the OktaAuthService and used OktaAuth instead. And there were other changes.

At the very lease please add a reference at the top saying some changes have happened please refer to okta-angular/ at master · okta/okta-angular · GitHub. Or if we should follow some other guide instead please point us to that one.