Build an iOS App with Secure Authentication in 20 Minutes

Build an iOS App with Secure Authentication in 20 Minutes

This post will show you how to add OpenID Connect for user Authentication into your native iOS application, using Swift.

saurabh suman

what is the process of logout ?

Rohit Rananaware

Hi have create app on OKTA developer console. It work fine. But Client create app on his OKTA developer console. I am changing issuer,clientId,redirectUri and run application and after login does not call any okta method but I am using My account mata data work fine … i am not understand whats the wrong.Please help me

Rishabh Jain

How can we integrate apple login in swift native ios application ?

Matt Raible

If you’re redirecting to Okta for authentication, you can add Sign in with Apple to the Okta hosted widget. See Ionic + Sign in with Apple and Google to see how.

Matt Raible

A logout feature wasn’t available when this post was first published and the comment I left then redirects to a spam site. I deleted that comment. It linked to this issue.

shrey shrivastava

I’m also looking for solution on apple login in swift ios application, but instead of redirecting to Okta for authentication, iOS is using OktaAuthSDK for status handling and OIDCSDK for getting tokens by passing sessionToken.

Where does Apple Sign in fits in this flow?? Couldn’t find any documentation on native flow.