Build Login in Xamarin with Xamarin.Forms

Build Login in Xamarin with Xamarin.Forms

Learn to build a cross-platform login form for iOS, Android, and Windows using Xamarin Forms


Not to be cheeky, but saying “There is no need to explain everything that goes on in this code” is terrible.

As a tutorial, in which you are trying to help developers use Okta (and by proxy convince our bosses to pay for your SSO solution) I would expect a line by line explanation in excruciating detail, with caveats and other options explained thoroughly.

Hand waving and pointing us toward the docs, is not very reassuring from a technology company.

Matt Raible

Hello Adam,

The code in question implements the PKCE flow which is part of OAuth. For a detailed explanation of how it works, please see this blog post we recently published: Implement the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE Flow.



I was following this tutorial and I am wondering where you are getting this from? I tried to search the NuGet package library and I can’t find them.


using Windows.Security.Authentication.Web;
using Windows.Security.Cryptography;
using Windows.Security.Cryptography.Core;
using Windows.Storage.Streams;


Looks like they are here:…
They look to be part of the Windows UWP namespace.

Hope that helps.