Build Simple Login in PHP

Build Simple Login in PHP

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a React app using a Laravel API to store its data.


Very nice


Once you’ve completed this, check out our latest post which adds fine-grained access control to your applications!…

John Quinn

Great tutorial,

John Quinn

Can you tell me how to destroy the session because when i log out, if i click login it logs the user back in without asking for their details

Krasimir Hristozov

The idea of SSO is that if you logout of an app, it only destroys your local session but doesn’t destroy your session on the authentication server (since you might be logged into other apps with the same account). So if you click Login again, and you’re already logged into the authentication server, you would just be redirected back and would be logged into the local app as well.

If you want to log out from the authentication server, you need to go to your Okta account, and logout there.