Okta session in local storage

  1. Login
  2. Delete okta-token-storage from local storage
    version 4.x - logouts and redirects to loginpage
    version 7.x - does not logout, we can still see home page but cannot perform any other actions.

I also use okta-react-sdk Security component and updated to latest version 6.7.0 from 4,1.0.
Is this change expected as part of releases, can I configure anything from my side to make this work as earlier.

Hi @srivyshnavi_k,

How do you perform the logout? Are you calling the oktaAuth.signOut() method?

Here is an example of implementation:

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Yes using the same method. But, with earlier versions if I delete okta-token-storage from localStorage it logged out. Its not happening with latest versions right after we delete. After deleting, and if we click on refresh its redirecting to logging page

Can you share a code sample on how you perform the logout?

I am trying to delete okta-token-storage. DevTools → Application → localStorage → delete ‘okta-token-storage’

Are you logged out if you do DevTools → Application → Cookies → clear the cookies ?

No, it is not logging out. I tried clearing cookies, localStorage and sessionStorage not worked

We have this in our automation tests, since logging out will take time in tests. We are clearing localStorage in tests, it used to work before but after upragadation it is not working