Logout functionality is not working using Okta

Hi Okta team, Good morning/Good evening.

We need your expertise here regarding our logout functionality.
We are using Okta libs in our Angular based web app. Could you please advise us, thank you.
Please let us know what else would be needed.


Hi there!

Can you share what problem you’re seeing with this code? Are you seeing any errors in the DevTools console or in the Network tab?

Here’s a minimal GitHub repo with working sign in and sign out functionality in Angular.

The sign in and sign out code can be found here

Thank you for the lightning fast response. My team is going through this, will get back.

Please give me advice how to implement logout functionality in @okta/okta-angular: “1.2.2”.

Hi @alisaduncan
We are bound to use the version @okta/okta-angular: “1.2.2”.
can you please advice how to implement logout using that please
since signout function is not in 1.2.2

Hi @arpitsaxena and @Mamatha ,

Can you please provide what errors or behavior you are seeing?

I tested by creating an Angular v8 app, added @okta/okta-angular@1.2.2, and followed the directions on the ReadMe for the library version. I am able to sign in and sign out successfully.