Can I add fragment response mode in getWithoutPrompt()?

Hi Okta team,

I am using OktaAuthJS and AD is ADFS, all login logout functionality working as expected.
But when I my trying to renew the token using getWithoutPrompt(),

as per my findings by default getWithoutPrompt method supports “okta_post_message” as responce_mode but our ADFS not support “okta_post_message” response method.

is there any why to add custom response method?

Amit Kumar

Doesn’t look like this is possible using the built in getWithoutPrompt method, it seems to be statically set to use okta_post_message

Ok, so is there any other way to renew token using different AD not Okta?

Okta’s SDKs/Libraries are written based on Okta’s implementation, such as the use of that “okta_post_message.” Regardless, I don’t see why you couldn’t execute the call manually, so you can set your own response_mode.