Can Okta be an OpenID Connect Provider for my application?


We are looking into setting up an Open ID Connect flow and we are wondering what part of the authorisation code flow Okta would be able to take care?

I’m assuming that Okta can be the Identity Provider as I think I read somewhere that Okta is even certified. But what about the Open ID Connect Provider (the authentification part), can this be also done wth Okta?


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Hi @vallieres,

Okta is a Certified OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider. Okta provides OIDC endpoints as a great way to support sign-in (or sso) for your application. There are a couple ways you can leverage OpenID Connect, either by using the OIDC endpoints directly in your application, the signin widget, or the authjs sdk.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Thanks! Is it possible to use the Opend ID Connect endpoints and our custom login form? We would use the /authorize endpoint and if no session is present redirect to our custom login form (instead of an Okta built form) where we could use the authjs sdk to validate the user and redirect to the ressource.

We would like to basically use Okta as the backend/authorization/OIDC service.

Yes, it’s possible to use Okta as an OIDC backend but use your own custom login form. You’d need to implement parts of the /authorize flow yourself instead of redirecting to Okta.

It might be easier to use the Okta Sign-In Widget to build a custom login page. The look and feel of the widget can be customized with CSS, and it handles the flow and all the requests to the Okta backend for you.

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