Can SAML apps ask for SP-related information?

We’re creating a SAML-only app with the intention of submitting it to the OAN once complete. The issue we’re running into is that we need to collect some data when the app is first connected to an organization.

I’ve seen some apps ask for a SaaS ID when connecting for the first time. This seems to be exactly what we need, but I can’t find any documentation on how to request this information or how to retrieve it from the perspective of the SP. I’ve attached a photo to show the SaaS ID field I’m talking about.

Any help or documentation links are appreciated!

Hi @kieraneglin there’s a fair bit of content on prepping an app for OIN here. My read through eludes to the fact that you can do some of this in the OIN Manager app when you’re submitting.

There was an email address you may be able to try as well if that doesn’t work.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more use, I haven’t gone on the OIN journey myself yet!