Can we group Scopes/Permissions?

I had a question about scope/permission management.
In other auth providers (like auth0), they allow you to group up your scopes (read:whatever, create:whatever) into a Role, then to assign that role to users so you don’t have to assign multiple scopes to every user, then manage each one if that role gains a new permission.
Is there a similar architecture/ability in Okta? I can’t seem to find the ability to group scopes of an api and then to assign that to users.

As supplemental info, I don’t care to read the roles themselves from my single-page app, rather I care to use it as an organized way to assign scopes to users.
In my app, I only read the specific scopes to determine how to display the ui, and of course in the api to control access.


How are others managing list of permissions for users?