Cannot create new application instance in dev account

We have some Go code using the API against our developer account and wanted to change the config for an app. The issue I’m seeing is that the PUT to /api/v1/apps/{{appId}} is returning the following error :

    "errorCode": "E0000039",
    "errorSummary": "Operation on application settings failed.",
    "errorLink": "E0000039",
    "errorId": "oaevU7q_agASmSySGJsIk0SBg",
    "errorCauses": [
            "errorSummary": "Cannot create application instance. Maximum number of instances has been reached."

The account has only 7 apps and I’ve tried deleting a couple but that did not help. Also I’m trying to change an existing app and not add a new one. But I can edit the config of the app from the UI just fine.

Something seems to changed recently on the server side since I can’t create new apps from the ‘Classic UI’ either (The green ‘Add Application’ button is grayed out’). However I can switch to the developer console and create new apps or edit existing ones.

Are we in the middle of a release roll-out ? Is there something I can check in terms of limits on the account to try and debug this ?

Thanks much.

Hello, Were you able to go past this issue? I am getting a similar issue when I create an app calling Okta API from python code.
{‘errorCode’: ‘E0000001’, ‘errorSummary’: ‘Api validation failed: generalSettings’, ‘errorLink’: ‘E0000001’, ‘errorId’: ‘oae2hOfNjfcTGqUdY1ngXpmLQ’, ‘errorCauses’: [{‘errorSummary’: ‘Cannot create application instance. Maximum number of instances has been reached.’}]}


I’m having the same issue. Is there a limit on how many apps we can create in a Dev account? Can someone shed some light on this?

Hi @happyelegance

You can find here the maximum number of apps that can be added for each tier of developer editions.

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