Cannot get Name & Avatar using Sign In Widget

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I have this scenario where I can login with the Okta Sign In Widget and it returns the e-mail and the userId (okta) of the user.

I made it work with it but now my client is requesting that I need to set at least the name, so it needs to be done.

The thing is that I see how the /me endpoint it’s returning me the data that I need:

As you can see, in the _links array the name is returned.

But I cannot access it. Using the sessiong.get() function it only retrieves the userId and e-mail.

var oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({
                  baseUrl: '',
                  clientId: '0oaj1v2jfyKeTwLR60h7',
                  redirectUri: '',
                  authParams: {
                    issuer: '',
                    scopes: ['openid', 'email', 'profile'],
                    responseType: ['id_token','token'],
                    display: 'page'

if (oktaSignIn.token.hasTokensInUrl()) {
                oktaSignIn.token.parseTokensFromUrl(function success(res) {
                    // The tokens are returned in the order requested by `responseType` above
                    var accessToken = res[0];
                    var idToken = res[1]
                    console.log("response", res)
                    // Say hello to the person who just signed in:
                    console.log('Hello, ' + res);
                    // Save the tokens for later use, e.g. if the page gets refreshed:
                    oktaSignIn.tokenManager.add('accessToken', accessToken);
                    oktaSignIn.tokenManager.add('idToken', idToken);
                    oktaSignIn.session.get(function (response) {
                  // Session exists, show logged in state.
                  // Doesn't return name
                          console.log("response", response)

                    // Remove the tokens from the window location hash
                                     if (res.status === 'ACTIVE') {
                                        console.log('Welcome , ' + res.login);
                  }, function error(err) {
                    // handle errors as needed
              } else {

                oktaSignIn.session.get(function (res) {
                  console.log("RESPONSES!", res)
                  if (res.status === 'ACTIVE') {
                    console.log('Response active!, ' + res);
                   // Also doesn't return name
                  // No session, show the login form
                  oktaSignIn.renderEl({ el: '#okta-login-container' },
                    function success(res) {
                      // Nothing to do in this case, the widget will automatically redirect
                      // the user to Okta for authentication, then back to this page if successful
                      console.log("success", res)
                    function error(err) {
                      // handle errors as needed

                      console.error("error session", err);

This is the response

The _links array is not there.

How can I get the name & the avatar of the user?